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We are specially trained to counsel clients in matters such as End-Of-Life goal setting, cost saving, overall well-being, positive living, and healthy relationships. We provide exceptional customer service that utilizes a positive and proactive approach. Specializing in assisting individuals to recognize the importance of putting their End-Of-Life affairs in order before they reach a position where they cannot do for themselves. Devoted to alleviating the disappointment and loneliness of death through assisting clients in the progressive aspect of pre-arranging the final details of their life.

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                 OUR MISSION

Our mission is to support clients at being the author of their last chapter.  We will assist families with having the peace of mind while honouring a loved one's End-Of-Life wishes.  Together, we will be making the End-Of-Life planning just as important as the Beginning of Life!

                               INTEGRITY   *    DIGNITY    *   TRUST   *   COMPASSION


Nioka, Life Coach & CEO

Nioka Francis started Blue Lily Consulting (BLC) on the basis of helping individuals and families to plan ahead for their End-of-Life Journey.  For the past 19 years, Nioka has been working full time in the insurance industry,  as a customer relationship representative. She is also a Certified Event Planner, End-Of-Life Doula and Life Coach. Helping individuals move forward when they feel a bit 'wedged' in life. 


Nioka’s determination to launch this business, came about when the loss of her parents happened. Nioka was the only child to both of her parents, therefore, going through the hurt and grief  while burying them, was not easy. 


She has found her purpose in assisting people in understanding why they should be prepared and what being prepared looks like for them. This has become something she takes to heart.  It is because of her compassion for others, she does not want another person's loved one to go through the pain alone or the struggle of having to do the planning themselves while being in agony and grieving, at the same time.


BLC will aid in the planning of your funeral now and in the matters that you should put together before it’s too late.  This is not just for those, who are retiring but for those, that want to plan for the unexpected in life. We are here to support you and help you through your End-Of-Life planning.   


                                                      *Your Funeral, is the Ultimate Celebration of  Your Life!*


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